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Dom Ramsey at chocablog reviews Duffy's Venezuela Ocumare 55% Milk Chocolate

Posted on 17th May 2013

Dom Ramsey at chocablog reviews Duffy's Venezuela Ocumare 55% Milk Chocolate

Duffy's Venezuela Ocumare Milk Chocolate won a gold medal in this year's Academy of Chocolate awards in the milk chocolate bean-to-bar category. It won a silver and a gold medal for the chocolate maker in this year's International Chocolate Awards. Seventy% described it as "the best milk chocolate that has ever been produced". I could go on, but really, the chocolate speaks for itself.

At 55% cocoa solids, it has an intensely chocolatey flavour. There are notes of banana and red fruit in there with some nutty notes toward the end, but this isn't a complicated chocolate, it's just perfectly balanced and faultlessly executed.

But don't go thinking this is a chocolate bar just for awards judges and chocolate reviewers. This is a bar that everyone can enjoy. Every day milk chocolate fans will love the creamy, chocolatey flavour as much as anyone.

I'm not going to go into too much depth here, because it really is something you need to try for yourself.

I have a small 30g bar here which comes with this very attractive moulding pattern, but you can buy the larger 80g bars on Duffy's website for a very reasonable £5.80. You couldn't buy a half decent bottle of wine for that, let alone the best bottle of wine in the world. So what are you waiting for? Go buy it before I do.

Many thanks to Dom Ramsey at chocablog for this review

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